1. In this method, practically pupils learn by doing everything. The pupil should behave like a researcher and he endeavours to find answers to questions put by his teacher.

2. The teacher is there as a friend and guide as the pupil should assume the role of an investigator. Heurists believe that Children should be told as little as possible. They are to be led to find out more and more.

3. The method initiates activity. Also it involves activity of mind. The pupil becomes an active discoverer of truth when they are forced to such situations by the teacher. The more active and attentive an individual, the more fully and firmly does he grasp knowledge. For example, Archimedes discovered the principle when he was forced with an actual situation.


4. In this method students act as detectives. The aim of this method is to make students original discoverers.

5. In being considered as discoverers, pupils take delight and they study the subject with much sincerity and pleasure.

6. This method turns out inquisitive and enquiring pupils.

7. This method trains the students to learn things in a manner that whatever is done, is done exactly.


8. Through this method of teaching habits of observing exactly or correctly are acquired. Neatness and care in all work is insisted on. The waste of materials is discouraged and the practice of economy inculcated. The habit of patiently attending to details of problems is acquired.

9. The powers of reasoning and well thought out judgment are cultivated.

10. The most important aspect of this method is that it is formative rather than informational. Like other methods teacher does not get satisfied only passing on certain information, rather the helps the pupils to learn more and more by active participation with a searching eye.



1. This method is ideal one; but fails for want of good laboratory and equipment, due to insufficient staff and big and crowded classes in our present day schools.

2. Heuristic method of teaching is an expensive system, but our schools go without minimum requirement of accommodation and equipment.

3. Amount of work done under this system is very small. Through this method of teaching, courses of study cannot be completed in the scheduled time.

4. It is doubtful whether this method is honest in so far as it’s programmed of pupils’ discovery of facts in concerned. But science demands intellectual honesty.


5. In order to acquaint pupils with all the facts in any subject through this method takes such more time than is taken in other methods. The Heurists believe in the saying, “Attempt little, but let that little be as near-perfection as possible.” It is exactly in the lines of the English proverb, “Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.” Whatever may be the ideals, the progress is bound to be slow as per the portions to be covered in proportion to time.