A good office layout offers and the following advantages


A good layout is a good investment. A good office layout offers and the following advantages:

1. A good layout makes supervision more effective.

2. A good layout promotes efficiency as it follows the flow of work.


3. A good layout aims at making the most economic and effective use of available floor space.

4. There is better communication among all departments.

5. The layout provides for joint use of machines and equipment, optimum use.

6. The process of production, planning and control is greatly facilitated.


7. It is easy to bring about co-ordination in the organisation.

8. It reduces the cost of cooling, heating, air-conditioning etc. and their maintenance costs.

9. A good layout aims at providing best working conditions. This improves morale of staff.

10. A good layout projects a good impression about the enterprise on customers and visitors. This results in better goodwill.

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