7 main factors proposed on Group Decision-making

These factors are proposed by Vroom and Yotton as follows:

a) The importance of the quality of the decision.

b) The extent to which the manager possesses the information and expertise to make a high-quality decision.


c) The extent to which the subordinates have the necessary information to generate a high-quality decision.

d) The extent to which the problem is structured.

e) The extent to which acceptance or commitment on the part of subordinates is critical to the effective implementation of the decision.

f) The probability that the manager’s decision will be accepted by the subordinates.


g) The extent to which the subordinates will be motivated to achieve the organisational goals. Depending upon these considerations, some considerations would necessitate the decision making-process to be initiated by a team or a group, for the participation of subordinates would ensure the employee commitment to the implementation of.