Office manager should be familiar with the various devices of communication and the different factors which should be considered before adopting a particular communication system. In order to get a good decision over the means of communication, the following factors may be considered:

1. Quickness/Speed

There are many types of transactions conducted during the business hours. One must speed up the transmission of message on the basis of importance and urgency of transaction.

If the party is available in the transacted place, oral communication is enough. If the party is residing in the same city, telephonic message is good: if outside the city, message through Subscribers’ Trunk Dialing (STD). If much distance is there, then telegram can also be sent. If the matter is not urgent, a mere letter will be sufficient.


2. Accuracy

If the accuracy of the message is the prime motive, a letter will serve the purpose Telephonic conversation might be misheard by the other party.

Even telegrams, sometimes lead to wrong conclusion. Therefore, success can be reaped by a letter, provided the letter is properly written. Therefore, the communication medium which is selected should ensure accuracy in the transmission of messages.



There is always risk when valuables are sent by post. Therefore, for safety purposes, important documents may be sent by registered post; for further safety by registered and insured post.

4. Secrecy

In business field, certain transactions have to be kept confidential. When one aims at secrecy, letter will achieve the aim. In other communication systems, secrecy may leak out to unwanted persons.

5. Record


Record of the message is essential and is possible only if it is in writing. For this purpose, duplicate copies of the letters can be preserved and they are good proof against disputes, relating to the transaction, in future. There is no record for oral communication.

6. Cost

The cost of communication is also important. Before adopting any system, the expenses in different means may also be considered. The material cost (stationery) and labour cost in preparing the letter will also be considered.

7. Distance


Distance between the persons who are parties to communication is an important factor. If distance is too short, face to face communication is suitable. If there is distance, message can be transmitted through phone or telegram or letter.