1. What is the minimum qualification to become a coach in India?

(a) NSNIS diploma (b) B.Ph. Ed. (c) M.Ph. Ed. (d) M.Phil.

2. Which institute has trained the maximum number of coaches in India?

(a) LNCPE, Trivandrum


(b) NSNIS, Patiala

(c) LNCPE, Gwalior

(d) Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education of Sports Sciences.

3. When was Lakshmi Bai College of Physical Education established in Gwalior?


(a) 1967 (b) 1947

(c) 1957 (d) 1977.

4. In 1953, who presented the first project for organised sports coaching in India?

(a) Jawahar Lai Nehru


(b) Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur

(c) Rajendra Prasad

(d) Sir Dorabji Jamshedji Tata.

5. Which of the following was the first to facilitate the introduction of modern physical education in schools?


(a) National fitness corps

(b) The plan of physical education and recreation

(c) N.C.E.R.T. syllabus

(d) National Policy of education, 1986


6. National Fitness Corps (NFC) programme was framed in

(a) 1965 (b) 1986

(c) 1972 (d) 1984.

7. When was YMCA (Madras) college of physical education formed?


(a) 1914 (b) 1896

(c) 1918 (d) 1928.

8. Who was the first principal of YMCA (Madras) college of physical education?

(a) C. A. Bucher (b) H. C. Buck (c) G. D. Sondhi (d) B. P. Coubertin.

9. LNCPE, Gwalior was made a ‘Deemed University’ in which of the following year?

(a) 1990 (b) 1995

(c) 1999 (d) 2002.

10. Sports Authority of India was established in

(a) 1994 (b) 1956

(c) 1968 (d) 1984.

11. In which year did the Govt, of India introduce sports talent search scholarship scheme?

(a) 1965-66 (b) 1957-58

(c) 1975-76 (d) 1970-71.

12. Which of the following is an apex body for promotion of sports in the country?



(c) SAI

(d) Punjab State Sports Council.

13. When did SAI takeover the control of NSNIS, Patiala and LNCPE, Gwalior?

(a) April, 1967

(b) May, 1987

(c) August, 1991

(d) Sept., 1995.

14. The Rural Sports Tournament Scheme was introduced by Govt, of India in

(a) 1956-57 (b) 1991-92

(c) 1970-71 (d) 1980-81.

15. Y.M.C.A. College of Physical Education was started in 1920 by

(a) Jawahar Lai Nehru

(b) Harry Craw Buck (a) Kolkata (b) Bangalore

(c) Chandigarh (d) Patiala.

31. In which of the following countries did the game of Handball originate?

(a) USA (b) Germany

(c) France (d) England.

32. Which of the following is the winner of Haryana’s highest sports award in 1997 in the game of Handball?

(a) J. S. Soodh

(b) Sandeep Kontia

(c) R. C. Anand

(d) None of the above.

33. Who amongst the following won the Italian Open Men’s Doubles title in 1998?

(a) Pete Sampras and Boris Becker

(b) Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes

(c) Ramesh Krishnan and Leander Paes

(d) None of the above.

34. Who is the president of International Boxing Federation?

(a) J. A. Samaranch (b) G. D. Sondhi (c) R. L. Kapoor (d) Bob Lee.

35. ‘Martina Hingis’ belongs to

(a) Canada (b) USA

(c) England (d) Switzerland.

36. Who amongst the following is the vice president of Olympic Council of Asia?

(a) Dr. Jigaro Kano

(b) Sivanthi Adityan

(c) Suresh Kalmadi

(d) Jagdish Tytler.

37. Which country hosted the 1998 Goodwill Games?

(a) England (b) USA

(c) Denmark (d) France.

38. Where is the Handball academy by S.A.I.L. located?

(a) Bhubaneshwar (b) Kanpur (c) Bhilai (d) Kurukshetra.

39. Who is president of Handball Federation of India?

(a) R. L. Anand

(b) Jagmohan Dalmiya

(c) R. C. Kapoor

(d) I. D. Sharma.

40. S.A.I.L.N.C.P.E. (south center) is at

(a) Bangalore (b) Poona (c) Hyderabad (d) Karaikudi.

41. Total number of teams participating in the World Cup 1999 was

(a) 8 (b) 9

(c) 11 (d) 12.

42. Where was the final of ICC World Cup, 1999 played?

(a) Oval (b) Lords

(c) Melbourne (d) Leeds.

43. What is Guru Hanuman’s real name? (a) Vijay pal (b) Raj Pal

(c) Sanjay (d) Amrit Pal.

44. President of ‘Judo Federation of India’ is

(a) R. C. Kapoor

(b) Jagdish Tytler

(c) R. L. Anand

(d) Priya Ranjan Das Munshi.

45. In the word ‘Judo’, ‘Ju’ and ‘do’ means

(a) gentle and giving the way

(b) Japan and giving the way

(c) let go and easy (,d) none of the above.

46. What is the motto of Judo? (a) Maximum effort

(b) Minimum effort

(c) Maximum efficiency with minimum effort

(d) None of the above.

47. Who broke Milkha Singh’s 400 m National record?

(a) Jyotirmoyee Sikdar

(b) Paramjit Singh

(c) Shakti Singh

(d) Gulab Chand.

48. Which country hosted the World Athletics Championships in 1999?

(a) Japan (b) Spain

(c) Greece (d) France.

49. Who holds the 100 m world record?

(a) Carl Lewis

(b) Linford Christie

(c) Maurice Greene

(d) Donovan Bailey.

50. In which year did Raj kumari Amrit Kaur coaching scheme launched?

(a) 1932 (b) 1933

(c) 1934 (d) 1935.


1. (a)

2. (b)

3. (c)

4. (b)

5. (a)

6. (a)

7. (c)

8. (b)

9. (b)

10. (d).

11. (d)

12. (c)

13. (b)

14. (c)

15. (b)

31. (b)

32. (b)

33. (b)

34. (d)

35. (d)

36. (b)

37. (d)

38. (c)

39. (a)

40. (a)

41. (d)

42. (b)

43. (a)

44. (b)

45. (a)

46. (c)

47. (b)

48. (b)

49. (c)

50. (d)