5 important factors that affects Social Development


1. Home Environment

Home is the first socialising agency. The congenial home environment has a positive and socialising effect on the child. Thus, the family influence plays a vital role in the process of social development. A happy, contented and well-knit family helps in advancing social adjustment of the individual members.

2. Socio-Economic Status of the Family


The family members of high socio-economic status have the opportunity of moving about in a higher and wider circle of society. They get frequent occasions to mix with a large number of and different sorts of people. This naturally helps them in their socialisation.

3. Love and Affection. Love and affection are the basic psychological needs of children. If the child is treated with love and affection, he feels secure, and thus, develops self- confidence. This gives him the necessary courage to enter into social relationships outside the family. If the children get love and affection at home, they will naturally expect love and affection from others also; this will develop in them a positive attitude toward life and other people, which will help them in their social development.

4. Participation in Social Organisations

There are various types of social organisations. Participation in such organisations widens the sphere of child’s social contacts and increases his social understanding. He learns, and imbibes the qualities of leadership, cooperation, and toleration. Self- Centredness is replaced by social consciousness which is increasingly broadened. This brings about social development of the child.


5. School Programmes

School is another potent agency for the social development of the child. In the school the child gets an opportunity of mixing with the large number of students, and thus, getting varied types of social experiences. In addition to these, school experiences in the form of various types of school programmes and activities, opportunities for healthy social communication, guidance from teachers, determine to a large extent the social skills and attitudes as well as the habits that the child learns. Schools also teach some of the basic social attitudes and principles of good conduct. Thus the school programmes help tremendously in the children’s social development.

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