5 Arguments of Receptionists in Favour of Capital Punishment


Arguments of Receptionists in Favour of Capital Punishment

1. Retribution:

The main argument is that retribution is the chief basis for capital punishment, and murderers, traitors, and rapists deserve to die for committing terrible crimes. Only death will satisfy the public and keep it from taking the law into its own hands.


2. Deterrence:

The threat of death penalty deters people from committing capital offences. Persons like Ranga and Billa who had killed two children in Delhi, murderer Auto Shankar who had killed seventy persons with a stone, Nagaraj who killed dozens of people in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, a typical psychopath Maya Dolas of Mumbai, the psychopath called the ‘VIP Serial Killer’ of Lucknow, the four persons in Punjab who dragged out a large number of men and women from a bus and killed them, and many such more killers deserved death penalty. It is necessary to protect society against acts of this kind, and to keep other people from committing similar crimes.

3. Protection:

It protects society from dangerous and ravaging criminals who would otherwise prey upon people.


4. Social solidarity:

Execution unifies society against crime. It also avoids private vengeance.

5. Cost:

Capital punishment is less expensive than keeping a man in prison for life.

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