Students should be allowed to make their own choices, at least up to a point. I love mathematics, but it is obvious to me that this love is not shared by all. My friend Rohit has a great love for art and music. He is especially talented in playing the organ. But the system does not allow him to study the organ and excel in it. The school insists that he studies mathematics which he hates and he fails in the subject. It is but obvious that Rohit will throw mathematics out of the window at the very first opportunity he gets and study just what he pleases. I just cannot understand why all this compulsion to make him study something he just hates.

We all know that a person will be able to do better in a subject that he or she likes. In a world where there is a place for everyone, regardless of what subject he or she is good in, it will be a great boon if the schools allow students to choose what they wish to study. So if a student wants to be a writer, he can develop his language skills. Perhaps he has to learn mathematics up to a level that he requires to be able to function in the world.

Since we are all so proud to call Our’s a democratic country, it seems to me that we should be practising democracy in all aspects. It seems to be all time hypocrisy to teach democracy and not practise it at all in the very institutions that teach them.