11 methods for the Conservation of Natural Resources


Some important roles of individuals in maintaining peace, harmony and equity in nature are as:

1. Instead of deforestation, representation should keep in mind. We should take help from the Govt, for plantation programmes. Everybody should take part in plantation and care the plants.

2. People should at once stop the over utilization of natural resources instead they must be properly used.


3. We should make habit for waste disposal, compose and to restore biodiversity.

4. Mixed cropping, crop rotation, and proper use of fertilizer, insecticide and pesticides should be taught to farmers. Encourage the use of manures, biofertilizers and organic fertilizers.

5. We should protect wildlife. Though hunting is not allowed even then the persons are doing so. For this educated young should teach the lesson of wildlife act.

6. We must develop energy saving methods to avoid wastage of energy. We should remember “energy saved is energy produced.”


7. Use drip irrigation and sprinkling irrigation to improve irrigation efficiency and reduce evaporation.

8. Utilize renewable energy sources as much as possible. Encourage use of solar cooker, pump etc.

9. We should recycle the waste and waste water for agriculture purposes.

10. Install rain water harvesting system in houses, colonies.


11. Try to educate local people for the protection and judicious use of natural resources.

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