10 important Merits of Educational Television


1. Maximum learning. It involves audio and visual senses, hence it maximizes learning.

2. Directs attention. It directs the attention of the student’s to the exact detail of the object which he should see by eliminating distracting! Surroundings

3. Provides technical advantages. It provides technical advantages not readily available for normal classrooms for illustration or demonstration. It makes possible close up of small objects, components, diagrams etc. giving student a “front-row seat.”


4. Economical. It saves time, efforts and cost of setting classroom | equipment.

5. Expert-teaching. T.V. lessons are given by the qualified and good teachers. Students get the privilege to attend their class. They can teach lesson in a better way.

6. Up to date information. It permits inclusion of up-to-the | moment information, modification, new equipment or techniques to the teaching.

7. Model for the class teacher. It provides teacher the opportunity to observe the instructional methods and ideas of their experts and to increase his own knowledge.


8. Use of the teaching aids. The course can be drawn upon many audio-visual teaching materials usually not available to classroom teaching.

9. It makes possible to bring large, scarce, or new equipment into the classroom.

10. Motivates gifted students. Gifted children benefit especially because they can do advanced work beyond what is usually available to them in their classroom.

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