10 important functions of personnel administration


1. Placing the right man on the right job.

2. Selecting new employees for the organisation.

3. Training men for jobs that are new to them.


4. Improving job performance of each man.

5. Gaining creative co-operation and development of smooth working relationships

6. Interpreting the company policies and procedures.

7. Controlling labour costs.


8. Developing potential abilities of each man.

9. Creating and maintaining a high level of departmental morale.

10. Protecting health and physical condition of employees.

According to Halsey certain principles of sound personnel management useful in building good worker morale are as below:


1. Care and skill should be exercised in the selection of employees.

2. Introduction to the job should be friendly, skilful and adequate.

3. Each employee should be made to feel that his efforts are really appreciated.

4. Careful and thoughtful consideration should be given to the probable effect of each rule, each notice, and each practice on the feelings of all concerned.


5. Employees should have a part in planning these things which affect their working conditions, whenever it is practical to do so.

6. There should be a sense of security and reasonable freedom.

7. There should be a constant and intelligent effort on the part of management to be absolutely fair in every policy and every practice.

8. Each employee should have a feeling of pride in the worth wholeness of his work and his company.


9. The organizational set up should be such that there is no confusion in anyone’s mind as to his duties or responsibilities.

10. Conditions should be such that working proves to be satisfying social experience as well as a means of making a livelihood.

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