What is the role played by the Eastern coastal ports of India in trade?


(i) Chennai:

It is one of the oldest artificial ports of the country. It is ranked next to Mumbai in terms of volume of trade and cargo.

(ii) Vishakhapatnam:


It is the deepest land-locked and well-protected port. This port was originally conceived as an outlet for iron ore exports.

(iii) Paradip Port:

It is located in Odisha and specialises in the export of iron ore.

(iv) Kolkata:


It is an inland riverine port. This port serves a very large and rich hinterland of Ganga-Brahmputra basin. Being a tidal port, it requires constant dredging of Hoogly.

(v) Haldia Port:

It was developed as a subsidiary port, in order to relieve growing pressure on the Kolkata port.

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