What are the major categories of human occupations?


There are three major categories of human occupations which stated below:

(a) Primary Occupation

(i) Activities of man related to deriving goods from natural resources.


(ii) Hunting, fishing, agriculture, animals rearing, mining, lumbering, etc. are the primary occupations.

(iii) They provide raw materials to secondary industries.

(iv) This occupation is more common in developing countries.

(v) The economy is rural based and shows slow growth.


(b) Secondary Occupation

(i) Activities of man involving processing or trans­forming primary goods into goods more directly useful to man.

(ii) They include all the industries – cotton and jute textiles, iron and steel industries, etc.

(iii) Finished products are obtained. Utility of the goods is enhanced, i.e., value added commodities are manufactured.


(iv) This occupation is more common in developed countries.

(v) The economy is industry based (urban).

(c) Tertiary Occupation

(i) Activities in which no tangible goods are pro­duced but people lend their expertise.


(ii) They include doctors, teachers, engineers, administrators, bankers, and those involved in transport and communication.

(iii) They provide a wide range of services.

(iv) It is more common in developed countries.

(v) It is for the welfare of mankind and is urban based. Economy of country has a high growth rate.

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