What are the causes of the Slow Growth of Urban Population in India ?

In 1921, only 11.18% of the total Indian population had an urban base. After 60 years in 1981, it increased only up to 23.34%. It further rose to 27.8% in 2001. There are some reasons for the slow growth of Indian urban population as:

(i) The urban population is generally educated and aspires to live a comfortable and high standard of life. So they believe in the small families.

(ii) Due to the slow growth rate of industrial development, the employment opportunities have not come too much forward. So, the rate of rural people’s migration to the urban areas has still been slow.


(iii) There is problem of accommodation in big cities. Moreover life is expensive as compared to the rural areas. Besides, some facilities of urban life are available in the suburban areas as well. So people prefer to stay in the suburbs. It has also lessened the rate of migration from villages to cities.