Short Notes on Employment-Oriented Scheme of Credit


Commercial banks actively participated in the employment-oriented schemes introduced by the government during the Sixth and Seventh Five Year Plan periods.

On 15th August 1983, the scheme called Self- Employment Scheme for Educated Unemployed Youth was introduced by the government.

Its object is to encourage the educated unemployed youth to get self-employed in manufacturing or service industries or business availing themselves of the provision of a package of assistance in the form of bank loans.


During the year 1989-90, 6.97 lakh beneficiaries were assisted, with an aggregate amount of Rs. 190.13 crores of loans sanctioned under the scheme.

In September 1986, the government introduced a new poverty alleviation programme called the Self- Employment Programme for the Urban Poor (SEPUP).

The scheme envisaged the provision of bank credit to create self-employment opportunities for the urban poor. The borrower’s eligibility criterion is fixed at a monthly family income of Rs. 600. The credit limit is fixed at Rs. 5,000. Interest rate is fixed at 10 per cent per annum.

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