Why the Productivity Trends in Agriculture in very low?


In spite of the significance of agriculture in the Indian economy, per capital productivity in agriculture is less in comparison to the productivity in other sectors of the economy and agricultural productivity of other countries of the world.

Agricultural productivity has two aspects. Land productivity and labour productivity. The former implies the productivity of land per hectare or acre and the latter refers to the productivity per worker employed. Both land and labour productivity in Indian agriculture is extremely low.

Available agricultural statistics for pre-independence period shows that agricultural production rose marginally during this period as compared to growth of population. In the post-independence period, particularly after 1962, the previous stagnant agricultural scenario was reversed and the following changes have been observed:-


(i) There has been a steady increase in areas under cultivation.

(ii) There has been an increase in the intensity of cropping.

(iii) The production and productivity, particularly in case of wheat has increased significantly.

(iv) As a result of increase in areas under cultivation and increased productivity per hectare, total production of all crops recorded a rising trend and the role of seed fertilizer revolution in increasing agricultural productivity cannot be undermined. The wander-high yielding variety seeds along with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, assured irrigation facilities and better cultural practices have significantly increased the production of food crops, particularly wheat. But, the impact of this green revolution on paddy, pulses and cash crops is marginal. Hence, it is said: “The Green Revolution has been successful only in the wheat, producing belt in India (Punjab, Haryana and Western M.P.).”


In spite of increase in agricultural production, caused due to green revolution, the productivity of agriculture still remains low in comparison with other countries.

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