The need and objective of educational guidance can be properly discussed in the light of above discussion : However, we can summarize the reasons for the justification of such guidance at the present juncture in the following way:

1. Need of Checking the Wastage and Stagnation in Education:

We find that there is a huge wastage and stagnation in education. Many students fail repeatedly and remain in the same class for a number of years. They feel difficulty in learning or acquiring some or the other piece of knowledge and skill. It leads to the wastage of human as well as national resources. Such wastage and stagnation can only be checked through a suitable programme of educational guidance.

2. Need of Realizing the Aims and Objectives of Education:


The function is now not limited to impart mere instruction in some school subjects. It has a quite brooder base. The all round progressive and harmonious and development of all the innate abilities and capacities of an individual is only possible through a well organized programme of educa­tional guidance. With its help the teachers can realize the maximum educational development of their children within the specific time and limited resources.

3. The Need of Making Right Educational Choices:

Educational guidance is necessary for making right educational choices. The students, while taking education, are, often, confronted with the problem of making selection or choice. There are diversified courses where they have to make selection of the subjects or activities.

The wrong choice of a subject or activity may doom their career and future. Therefore, they should be helped by guidance in making right choice with regard to subjects or courses of study, co-curricular activities, methods of learning, style of speaking, writing and reading and books and other literature for study etc.


4. The Need of Proper Educational Adjustment:

Adjustment to prevailing educational environment is essential for the proper educational growth and well being of children. The child enters the school directly from his home environment. Here he finds a formal environment of education and gels experiences that are quite novel and strange lo him. He needs to be adjusted lo these educational situation:, and environmental conditions. He has to read, write, speak and participate in the learning process.

Drill work and home assignments have to be complete. Participation in co-curricular activities is required. Regularity and punctuality in educational process is lo be observed. Some times he has lo drive-benefit from the new techniques and devices of teaching. He has to prepare himself for the desired tests and evaluation. In this way the child faces so many adjustment problems with regard to his educational environment and therefore needs proper educational guidance.