Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Manufacturing Industries

1. Which out of the following is a mineral based industry?

(a) Sugar (b) Tea

(c) Coffee (d) Petrochemicals


2. Which is the only industry in India which is self-reliant?

(a) Textile industry (b) Iron and Steel

(c) Electrical (d) Sugar

3. Where was the first textile mill established?


(a) Kolkata (b) Mumbai

(c) Gujarat (d) Lucknow

4. Which industry provides employment to weavers at home as a cottage industry?

(a) Silk (b) Handspun Khadi


(c) Jute (d) None of these

5. Which country has the largest installed capacity of spindles in the world?

(a) Japan (b) Philippines

(c) China (d) India


6. Why is there a need to always import cotton?

(a) Obsolete machinery

(b) Increasing demand

(c) Shortage in the home market


(d) Poor quality in the domestic market

7. What challenge does the Jute industry face in India?

(a) Poor labour turnover

(b) Low productivity of labour


(c) Poor market price

(d) Competition from synthetic substitutes

8. Why is there a tendency of the sugar mills to shift and concentrate in Maharashtra?

(a) More water resources

(b) Soil is more fertile

(c) More land for cultivation

(d) Higher sucrose content of cane

9. Which out of the following industries helps in the manufacture of telephones, computers, radars, etc.?

(a) Aluminium

(b) Information Technology

(c) Steel

(d) Electronics

10. Which country is the largest producer and consumer of steel in the world?

(a) China (b) Japan

(c) India (d) United States

11. Which one of the following industries uses Bauxite as a raw material?

(a) Aluminium Smelting (b) Steel

(c) Jute (d) Cement

12. Which one of the following industries uses silica as a raw material?

(a) Steel (b) Cement

(c) Coal (d) Aluminium

13. Where was the first cement plant set up?

(a) Mumbai (b) Chennai

(c) Kolkata (d) Pondicherry

14. Which city in India has emerged as the ‘electronic capital’ of India?

(a) Chennai (b) Mumbai

(c) Bangalore (d) Delhi

15. What is the major contribution of the Electronics industry to the country?

(a) Maximised wealth formation

(b) Reduced poverty

(c) Improved standard of living

(d) Encouraged employment

16. Air pollution is caused because of the high proportion of undesirable gases such as:

(a) methane (b) hydrogen

(c) sulphur dioxide (d) carbon

17. When does thermal pollution take place?

(a) Sun heats up the lakes and ponds

(b) Hot water from factories drains into rivers and ponds

(c) When hot oil drains into rivers and lakes

(d) None of these

18. Public sector plants market their steel through:

(a) TISCO (b) Tata Steel

(c) SAIL (d) GAIL

19. A mechanical means of treating industrial effluents:

(a) sedimentation (b) rainwater harvesting

(c) recycling of waste water (d) biologically

20. Smoke emitted by chemical and paper factories, refineries, etc. can be reduced by using:

(a) coal (b) oil

(c) gas (d) either (b) or (c)

Answers for Multiple Choice Questions





3- (b)

4. (b)

5. (c)



7. (d)





10. (a)

11. (a)

12. (b)



14. (c)





17. (b)

18. (c)

19. (a)