In what ways has competition affected workers, Indian exporters and foreign MNCs in the garment industry?


(i) Large MNCs in the garment industry in Europe and America get their products from Indian exporters.

(ii) These large MNCs with worldwide network look for the cheapest goods in order to maximise their profits.

(iii) To get these large orders, Indian garment exporters try hard to cut their own costs.


(iv) Earlier, a factory used to employ workers on permanent basis, now they employ workers only on a temporary basis, so that they do not have to pay workers for the whole year.

(v) Workers also have to put in very long working hours and work in night shifts on a regular basis during the peak season.

(vi) Wages are low and workers are forced to work overtime to make both ends meet.

(vii) While this competition among the garment exporters has allowed the MNCs to make large profits, workers are denied their fair share of benefits brought about by globalisation.

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