Impact of Globalisation on Indian agriculture


1. Globalisation aims at integrating our national economy with that of the world. It is to be realised within a certain time frame. It is based on the philosophy of free and open international trade.

2. In the changed scenario, we have to make a better use of our favourable climatic and soil conditions.

3. We have relatively inexpensive, abundant human labour. Every effort will have to be made to raise their efficiency and equip them with new and advanced tools.


4. Implements and machines to enable them to compete with their counterparts in the advanced countries of the world.

5. With globalisation we now have a better access to reasonably and abundant capital from different parts of the world.

6. Thus to begin with we may have to face hardships and difficulties sometimes but it will pay us in the long run.

7. In order to stand in the global competition therefore India has to use its vast potential of agriculture in a systematic and planned manner.


8. We should develop some of the techniques which the developed countries have been using.

9. Use of the biotechnology may be one such step. Creation of an unrestricted unified national market for farm products within the country may be another step.

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