The changes occurred in India due to adoption Globalization Policy


(i) Increase in India’s share in the Trade of Goods and Services: There has been marginal increase in India’s share in the trade of goods and services, though our progress is very low as compared to other countries.

(ii) Increase in Foreign Direct Investment: Foreign direct investment has increased from Rs. 174 crores in 1991 to Rs. 9338 crores in 2000.

(iii) Increase in Foreign Exchange Reserve: Our foreign exchange reserve has increased from Rs. 4822 crores in 1991 to Rs. 152924 crores in 2000.


(iv) Decrease in Price Rise: The price rise in 1990-91 was 12%. It has slowly declined to around 5% in nineties.

(v) Marginal Increase in Industrial Growth: Though these has been industrial growth but it is not as expected.

(vi) Failure in the Generation of Employment Opportunities: The new economic policy fail to generate additional employment opportunities. Especially in rural areas.


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