Vitamin C is called the healing vitamin of the body. It gives resistance to the body against common cold and other infections. Vitamin C plays an important role in cementing material, which holds the body cells in place, in the absorption of calcium in the body, in the body’s use of iron, in healing the wounds and in building body resistance against infections. Deficiency of vitamins C in the body causes a disease known as SCURVY. Long before the existence of vitamin C was known scurvy was a disease, which gripped sailors at sea because for long periods they had no access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Scurvy affects the larger joints of the body. It is a peculiar form of arthritis associated with bleeding into the joints. Patient feels weak and irritable and complains of soreness and aching in the muscles. His gums get affected and teeth become loose.

Vitamin C is easily destroyed by heat and use of baking soda in cooking. Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body and must be taken every day. Sources of vitamin C are lemon, orange, amla, tomato, guava and drumstick leaves.