5 essential safety measures for avoiding Epidemics


Epidemics affect large number of persons in a community when favourable conditions are present for the spread of an epidemic. If one understands the basic principles of epidemiology, these epidemics can be prevented by adopting certain safety measures.

Let us see what those precautions or safety measures are:

i) Predictability


By having knowledge about the frequency and distribution of health problems, clues are obtained which promote understanding of diseases leading to timely and appropriate intervention foe prevention. Early warning on the basis of the available data helps in reducing the severity of an epidemic. By improving the sanitary conditions, the spread of disease can be slowed or even halted. Proper cleanliness measures, proper disposal of solid waste and liquid waste will help in decreasing the breeding of flies and mosquitoes.

ii) Improvement of Immunity of Host

By improving the nutritional status and by mass vaccination programmes, the resistance of the individuals can be increased thereby checking the spread of an epidemic.

iii) Community Health Education


Community Health Education can help to halt epidemics by alerting individuals to the signs and symptoms of disease and stressing the importance of reporting the causes to medical authorities. It is important to teach the methods that can be used to stop the spread of communicable diseases.

iv) Training

Training at different levels in emergency preparedness and response to epidemics can prove to be an effective safety measure. This should begin at the school and community levels. Non-government organization can play a very useful role in the effort.

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