What is the difference between the enzymes and catalysts?


Enzymes (Biocatalysts)

1. The enzymes are proteinceous in nature, hence, have a complex three dimensional organisation.

2. The have a very high molecular weight.


3. They are very specific in their catalytic activity and catalyse only specific reactions of a single or groups of few similar substrates.

4. They are very efficient, being formed in the living system as per their requirements.

5. Their activity can be regulated by specific molecules, as per activity and conformation can be changed.

6. The enzymes are more sensitive to the changes in pH and temperature.


Catalysts (Inorganic)

1. The catalysts are inorganic in nature, being mineral ions they are quite Simple.

2. They have much low molecular weight.

3. They can catalyse diverse reactions.


4. They are less efficient.

5. Their functioning cannot be regulated.

6. The are less sensitive to changes in pH and temperature.


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