What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Data?


What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Data?

Primary Data

1. Primary data are always original as it is collected by the investigator.


2. Suitability of the primary data will be positive because it has been systematically collected.

3. Primary data are expensive and time consuming.

4. Extra precautions are not required.

5. Primary data are in the shape of raw material.


6. Possibility of personal prejudice.

Secondary Data

1. Secondary data lacks originality. The investigator makes use of the data collected by other agencies.

2. Secondary data may or may not suit the objects of enquiry.


3. Secondary data are relatively cheaper.

4. It is used with great care and caution.

5. Secondary data are usually in the shape of readymade products.

6. Possibility of lesser degree of personal prejudice.

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