The line of distinction between the terms nation and nationality is a thin one. According to Bryce, “the difference between the two is of political organization. Nationality is a nation in the making. As soon as a nationality secures political independence, it becomes a nation.

” Nationality plus state is equal to nation. A nationality remains as such so long as it is not free. The moment a nationality gets a separate stale of its own, it becomes a nation. A nation is thus a nationality which has become independent or at least desires and tries to be so.

As Hayes puts it, “A nationality by acquiring unity and sovereign independence becomes a nation.” A Slate in India, for example, constitutes a nationality. If it gets a separate home-land of its own, it will become a nation.

Certain philosophers point out that the distinction between the two is not of political organization but of number. A nation is a bigger group having different nationalities within its range. The Tamils, the Punjabis and the Bengalis, for example arc different na­tionalities constituting the Indian nation.