What is the difference between Keratinized and Non-keratinized Squamous Epithelium?


The difference between Keratinized and Non-keratinized Squamous Epithelium are given below:

Kertinized Suamous Epithelium:

1. The cells of few outer layers of stratified squamous epithetium replace their cytoplasm with a hard water proof protein

2. The layers of flat dead cells-stratum corneum or horney layers are present.


3. It forms epidermis of the skin of land vertebrates.

4. It prevents loss of loss of water and mechanical injury.

Non-kertinized Epithelium:

1. It has living squamous cells at the surface.

2. Strtum corneum absent as non-kertinization or cornification occurs.


3. It is formed in lining of cornea, mouth, pharynx, oesophagus, vocal cords, vigina, cervix etc.

4. It provides mechanical protection from injury.

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