1) Sociology studies all kinds of social relationships. Economics studies only economic activities and is concerned with the economic aspects of social life.

2) Sociology is a general social science whereas economics is a special social science. The scope of sociology is wider, whereas the scope of economics is narrower.

3) Sociology is an abstract social science and is less precise in nature. It deals with complex social phenomena, which is difficult to be measured and quantified. Economics is a concrete social science. It is more precise in nature. Economic variables can be measured and quantified.

4) Sociology is a social science of recent origin. Economics has a very long past and is very advance in nature.


In spite of the different viewpoints and perspectives, both sociology and Economics are very closely related to each other. Economic activities cannot be separated from man’s social life. Sociology also studies social aspects of economics activities. Bothe sociology and economics are two sides of the same coin. They are complementary and supplementary to each other.