Sociology and political science are similar on certain parts. Political activity influences and is influenced by the social life of man. In fact, political activities will have no meaning outside the social context. Moreover, a political scientist must also be a sociologist, because the laws of the state have a great influence on society. Political science contributes knowledge regarding the organisation and activities of the political institutions to sociology and takes ideas relating the origin of political institutions from sociology.


1) Sociology is a science of society whereas political science is a science of state is government.

2) Sociology has a wider scope, whereas political science has a narrower field.


3) Sociology studies man as a social animal, whereas political science studies man as a political animal.

4) Sociology is quite young; Political science is an older science.

5) The approach of sociology is sociological; the approach of political science is political. Sociology and Anthropology are intimately related to each other. Etymologically anthropology is a study of man. Sociology studies man as a social being. Social anthropology is very close to sociology. Some concepts of anthropology are borrowed and used in sociology. Similarly, anthropology also uses concepts from sociology.