Extremism had become a strong force by 1905 and it continued to be so for about a decade. The methods of extremists were boycott of foreign goods, use of Swadeshi goods and national education. Boycott was directed not only against goods but also against Government services, honours and titles.

The most important leader of the Extremists was B.G. Tilak. The extremists differed from the moderates in the following respects:

1. The Moderates wanted to improve the existing constitution; the Extremists wanted to reconstruct it.

2. The Moderates wanted to work with the existing bureaucracy; the Extremists were out to obstruct it.


3. The Moderates wanted to co­operate with the Government, wherever possible; the Extremists stood for opposing it at every step.

4. The Moderates tried to win over the British; the Extremists wanted to turn them out by all means.

There occurred a split between the Moderates and Extremists in 1907 at the Surat session. The Extremists, however, failed to capture the Congress.