Difference between Stalactites and Stalagmites


These features are formed by underground water in limestone regions. LimeĀ­stone consists of calcium carbonate which reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere forming calcium bicarbonate which is soluble in water.


(i) These are lime deposits hanging from the roof of the cave.


(ii) They are sharp pointed, vertical pinnacles hanging from the roof.

(iii) They grow downwards.

(iv) They are formed by the seepage of rain water.

(v) They are more in number.


(vi) They grow faster.


(i) They are lime deposits growing from the base of the cave.

(ii) They are round, blunt and broad.


(iii) They grow upwards from the floor of the cave.

(iv) They are formed by the dripping of water from the stalactites.

(v) They are lesser in number.

(vi) They grow slowly,

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