Difference between Metallic Minerals and Nonmetallic Minerals are:

(b) Metallic Minerals

(i) They are hard, resistant, mal­leable, ductile and good con­ductors of heat and electricity.

(ii) They are found in igneous and metamorphic rocks.


(iii) They are found in lodes or veins or nuggets.

(iv) They are used for industries, e.g., metallurgy.

Nonmetallic Minerals

(i) They are softer but neither malleable nor ductile and they are not good conductors of heat and electricity.


(ii) They are generally found in sedimentary rocks.

(iii) They are found in layers or seams, e.g., coal, petroleum, clay, salt, etc.

(iv) They are generally used as sources of power, e.g., coal, petroleum, etc.