What are the main causes of Labour Turnover?


The causes of labour turnover may be put into two groups, i.e.,

(1) Avoidable causes and

(2) Unavoidable causes


(1) Avoidable causes – These include:

(i) Dissatisfaction with jobs,

(ii) Dissatisfaction with remuneration,

(iii) Bad working conditions,


(iv) Odd hours of work,

(v) Lack of incentives and promotional avenues,

(vi) Lack of adequate recreational facilities,

(vii) Inadequate housing and medical facilities,


(viii) Poor worker-supervisor relationship,

(ix) Poor group relations,

(x) Discrimination between one worker and another, etc.

(2) Unavoidable causes – Unavoidable causes may be personal or impersonal. These include:


(i) Personal betterment,

(ii) Retirement, death or disablement,

(iii)Domestic responsibilities, i.e., to look after old parents,

(iv)Discharge due to factors like unsuitability, insubordination, and negligence,


(v) Marriage in case of women workers, etc.

Every organisation must see that leaving due to avoidable causes is prevented.

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