The topic of abortion is a very controversial one not only in today’s society but for a long time. Many believe that it should be legalized but there are those who are strongly opposed to the idea. It mainly depends on the upbringing you have had, your own opinions and views. But should women have the right to abortion or not, well there are valid points on either side of this argument.

Many people support a pro-life decision they believe women should not have the legal right to abort their own child for many reasons. The main reason they provide is that the mother would be ending the unborn child’s life; moreover they say that if the women is old enough to get pregnant she is old enough to have the child. Even if you choose to put the child for adoption after having it they believe that still you should have the child, even if you don’t plan on keeping it. Most of the time these arguments may seem a little ridiculous but they are trying to defend the baby who can’t defend him or herself. There are many advantages or positive aspects of the pro-life arguments, firstly the baby gets a chance to live a colorful life outside the womb and it also allows those women who don’t have children to become mothers through adoption. These women would adopt the children who would’ve been otherwise aborted. Moreover by not legalizing abortion you are saving many to-be mothers from aborting their to-be baby girls by force. This has happened in many countries especially India, Pakistan and other states where laws have been passed which do not allow parents to know the sex of their baby, main reason being that in the hope for having a boy families force the mother to abort girls. To stop such a crime,NOT legalizing abortion is a smart move.

Those who are for legalizing abortion are known as pro-choice, this side of the argument argues that when a woman gets pregnant she should have the right to abort her child. The reasons that they provide include that there might be something very wrong with the child; hence it is better for the child to not be ever born, than to have a life with many such problems. Consideration should be given to the child as well as the mother in terms of emotional consequences. Another valid reason provided to allow for abortion includes a condition when the woman has been raped and she does not want to have the child of someone she does not love. By being forced to give birth to the child of someone who raped her, the mother could be subjected to a lot emotional stress. Another reason is that the mother might already have all the children she wants and does not want to have another child, or give the child up for adoption; hence she would want to have it aborted.

In my opinion abortion should be legalized in some cases, though it is hard to decide to be completely pro-life or pro-choice, but they both provide some valid and some not so justifiable arguments. But I do feel that abortion should be legal in some cases like in the case when the unborn child has some problem or when the women has been raped in these cases it is necessary that abortion be legal. Making it illegal to do so would cause a lot emotional trauma to the mother. Moreover the abortion of girl babies in India also makes it hard for one to completely legalize the act in all countries.