Today there are 58 countries which have utilized the death penalty in the last 10 years and even now still count it as one of their punishments. In 16 of these nations death punishment is given for crimes like rape, rape of children and rape in aggravating conditions while other states have been under immense pressure to impose it due to the extraordinary crime rates. All around the world there are numerous children around tens of thousands who are raped each year. It is an important fact to consider that out of the 3000 or more individuals who are on the death row in America, only one of them has not committed murder/homicide.

Many states in the United States and other countries as well have legalized death penalty for child rapists. There are many arguments which support this law and some arguments which oppose such a law. Well proponents of the argument that child rapists should be sentenced to the death penalty say that children who have been raped usually live a life of torment, the become victims of the torment themselves. These kids often turn to drugs and alcohol to help them get through their lives effectively. This condition can also worsen for them if they have to face or see their tormentor on a regular basis. Hence by making the death sentence as the price you pay for raping children, a vivid message is sent to the perpetrators. Moreover the offenders or rapists very rarely change their abusing habits and research shows that around 98 percent of them reoffend; hence the death sentence makes sense. So in order to protect children it is essential that this proposal be presented so we can live in a just society free from such animals.

However there are many arguments made which are against the death sentence for rapists. Opponents say that this punishment is a bit too harsh for the crime. They say that if someone has sex with a child it is horrible and very criminal but it has been going on since the beginning of time. In fact in the olden days the life spans were so short that that parents sold off their daughters at the age of 9 and most girls became mothers at the age of fifteen. That was the way of life then and it was accepted. Nowadays things are different. People in the past have abused death when girls were wrongly accused of being witches and were persecuted, a good example of this in Bloody Mary who was the queen of Scotts. Hence then can we say that all rapists regardless of who they raped should be sentenced to death. Or is it possible that judges would abuse this so they can attain a higher opinion in the minds of people. Would the victims or children be just as satisfied if they found out that their rapists was in jail for 10 years to life?

In some states the death penalty has been credited as inhumane and has been banned completely. So how is it okay for this to be allowed for someone so pitiful that they have sex with children? Opponents also argue that what is so gruesome that a person must die and another must live just to please a single victim. It is said that just locking the rapists is not good enough either as 98 percent of them will rape again, moreover if these rapists have children and they are abused too much themselves as well then that is what they would teach their kids as well. Rape is very evil however the rapists also have a right to prove the case against them or to disprove it. In my opinion aren’t to life just as bad as murder for a child rapist, because in prison there are no children to rape, there are only adults. In prison these rapists cannot get their hands on children, they only hear stories of crimes over and over again. The children can be protected through imprisonment of these criminals a death sentence is not always necessary. These rapists would most probably even die in prisons thus society would be safe from their crimes.