The latest price of iBall Slide 3G-7303 Tablet in India is Rs. 15,499 (Fifteen thousand four hundred ninety nine) only.

The iBall Slide 3G-7303 Tablet revolutionize the technological aspects of handheld communications. Design to satisfy its users, the iBall Slide 3G-7303 Tablet has a fast processing speed that discourages delays even when it’s starting up.

It has a 2MP front and back cameras that work very well in capturing the right details of the shot object. The 7 inches touch screen is well protected from unnecessary actions that may damage the screen.

Furthermore, it supports high definition graphics and displays bright array of color combinations.


The iBall Slide 3G-7303 Tablet is an improvement of its predecessors and features SMS and voice calling capabilities, features not included in previous tablets. Not only that, the Wi-Fi feature is much stronger and can trace internet signals in a much wider scope. The Bluetooth feature also comes handy in certain times once preferred.

If you think your mobile phone is good, the iBall Slide 3G-7303 Tablet is a better choice. Not only it serves for entertainment among its users, but its new features bring out the best in hand held connectivity. You can send messages via SMS and engage in calls anytime and anywhere you want with the use of iBall Slide 3G-7303 Tablet.

You can purchase this tablet from online stores like Flipkart, Naptool, eBay etc. at a cost of 15, 499.