The latest price of Dell Vostro 3460 Laptop in India is Rs. 35, 000 (Thirty five thousand) only.

The Dell Vostro 3460 Laptop is a business laptop that has served millions of satisfied users’ world wide. It may have been designed for business, but it is also good for entertainment purposes. Its third generation Intel Core Processor gives Dell Vostro 3460 Laptop a splendid performance and makes one fast computer that works very well with multitasking.

This model also houses a massive storage device and the built in data encryption provides security. All those files are guaranteed safe and secure from unwanted access.

The Dell Vostro 3460 Laptop is not just for professional use. It has proven itself capable of providing amusement to its users’ satisfaction. Its high definition resolution grants a good view on videos and images.


The built in speaker is present not just for feature purposes but provides a more satisfying and clear amplification of sounds. Wireless internet connectivity is common in laptops but in this model, it has much stronger features such as a wider reception range. Ports for USB are also included and the optical disk drives are capable of handling different variety of disks.

The amazing qualities that Dell Vostro 3460 Laptop posses grants users world wide the best service it offers.

You can purchase this laptop from online stores like Flipkart, Naptool, eBay etc. at a cost of 35, 000.