The latest price of Asus N55SL-S1050V Laptop in India is Rs. 76, 224 (Seventy six thousand two hundred twenty-four) only.

The Asus N55SL-S1050V Laptop is one fast laptop. It uses the Intel Core i7 2670QM GHz Processor which gives it such an incredible speed performance. It also has a powerful video card in which combined efforts with the processor grants every user the luxury of entertainment.

With a 15.6 inches LED Backlight screen that offers high definition quality pixels, your videos are presented in the best quality. Not only is that, video games also good with this system.

The Asus N55SL-S1050V Laptop is not just for entertainment use but also performs well in office related activities. With a HDD 750 GB storage capacity, it’s a massive storage device and a perfect option for those in business fields.


Of course, its fast processing speed allows the computer to work fast even if you have stored a huge amount of data.

The Asus N55SL-S1050V Laptop has all the needed ports and slots such as USB ports, Microphone, RJ45 LAN, HDMI ports, Multi card slot readers and VGA ports. It also supports optical disk drives and the system also provides a built in webcam. All of this is important for the average users and only in this model can you enjoy quality experience.

You can purchase this laptop from online stores like Flipkart, Naptool, eBay etc. at a cost of 76, 224.