1. The constituents of a mixture are not present in a fixed ratio.

2. No chemical reaction takes place amongst the constituents of a mixture.

3. Mixtures are of two types—homogeneous and heterogeneous.

4. Solutions are homogeneous mixtures, while suspensions and emulsions are heterogeneous mixtures.


5. Solids can be separated from solids by handpicking, winnowing, sieving, magnetic separation, by dissolving one of them, sublimation.

6. Solids can be separated from liquids by filtration, evaporation, sedimentation and decantation, loading, crystallisation, distillation, centrifugation, froth flotation.

7. Liquids can be separated from liquids by using a separating funnel or fractional distillation.

8. Mixtures of coloured substances can be separated by paper chromatography.