No. the properties of an atom of any element are quite different from those of its ion. Ion is formed due to loss or gain of electron from an atom. In doing so, each atom acquires an electronic configuration of the nearest noble gas. Each ion thus has a stable, noble gas electronic configuration. As a result, the properties of ions are dictated only by the electrical charge only them Chlorine gas is poisonous, but chloride ion(Cl) is not . ions differ from the corresponding atoms as follows:

Difference between an atom and an ion:


Nature of charge

No. of protons and electrons




Atom is electrically neutral




Ions are electrically charged. Ions given by metals carry positive, while those given by nonmetals carry negative charges. Unequal. The cations have lesser electrons than protons. The anions have more electrons than protons. For any element, the cation is smaller than the atom. The anion is bigger than the corresponding atom.