Chemists constantly experiment and prepare new substances for use in daily life. The list of the practical uses of chemistry is endless. All aspects of our life— food, clothing, shelter, hygiene, health, transportation, lighting, heating, entertainment, etc, are influenced by chemistry. A few examples are as follows.

L The tablets, capsules, and injections you take when you are ill are prepared from chemicals.

2. Fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides have been developed by chemists. This has lead to an increase in the production of food. These developments have been responsible, to a large extent, for the success of the Green Revolution in India.

3. Detergents, soaps, cosmetics and perfumes are mostly products of chemistry.


4. Durable and crease-resistant synthetic fibres like nylon, rayon, and terylene have been developed through the processes of chemistry.

5. Plastic products, paints, synthetic rubber, glass and fuels for cars, aeroplanes and rockets are all gifts of chemistry.