In naming the compounds of hydrogen with a more electronegative nonmetal (from the groups 16 and 17), the word hydrogen is followed by the nonmetal ending its name with –ide. Thus,

  1. HCl is Hydrogen chloride

  2. H2S is Hydrogen sulphide

  3. H2O is hydrogen oxide (H2O is commonly called by its trivial name water)

In the compounds of hydrogen with a metal, hydrogen is usually the more electronegative element. To write the name of such compounds follow the procedure given below.

The first element (the metal) is named as such and the name of the second element (hydrogen) changes its name to –ide. For example,

NaH Sodium hydride


CaH2 is Calcium hydride

  1. The compounds of hydrogen with carbon are called hydrocarbons.Naming of hydrocarbons is done with the help of some special rules.

  2. The compounds of hydrogen with the group 15 elements are given trivial names, for example ,

NH3 is called Ammonia

PH3 is called Phosphine