A sales career offers good many opportunities for growth and personal development. However, that career has to start somewhere. A career is a job or a profession that one has Seen trained for and intend to do for several years in life span one has. Thus, by 2004, 54 percent of Indian population is in the age group of 15 to 35 which makes a country stronger for achievement. It is these people of 540 crores who have career paths with formal education and  professional education and training. Selling-line offers countless opportunities. The selling , has selling of many goods and services.

The purpose of the job search is to start somewhere at 10 + 2, after graduation and after post graduation depending on the choice of the person. There is need for finding out a good match between what one needs and what one has to offer and what the company needs and has to offer. An important aspect of career management is to set life-based objectives, then are : to determine your career objectives.

In career planning, family comes first, religion second in and the company. It is because, each company has recognized the importance of sales employees leading a planning life. As independent sales people, they could allow their jobs to run their lives rather than maintaining control.

However, with the company’s encouragement, they can set time to keep their lives balanced. Keeping this life-based objective in own point helps one :: make wise career decisions. Career decisions must be compatible with family and personal objectives.


For a beginner that first year after graduation is unique and important in anyone’s life. How this transition is handled is sure to have a deep impact in career success or experiencing disappointment. Although a life’s work is not created or ruined in the first months, a poor start can take years to overcome. It is not just a matter of giving up student attitudes and behaviour; making the transition a go also needs taking the time to understand and earn the rights, responsibilities and credibility of being a sales profession.

Good many newly tired sales candidates want to make a great first impression so that they charge and forge ahead. However, they fail to recognize that the organisation was there long before they were and has already developed its own ways of doing the things. That is why, the new entrant has to do is and learn the organisation’s culture, its values, and the way things are done there. Another important aspect of the first year is the that fact that the candidate is under a microscope. Your activities are watched closely as management and your peers try to decide whether you are someone whom they can depend. Therefore, you are to demonstrate a mature willingness to learn, plus respect those with rich and varied experience. Part of the mature willingness to learn means you hold your expectations in check and keep your promotion hopes realistic.

It is worthwhile to remember also that recruiters tend to engage in puffery when presenting the opportunities and the benefits of a company. While the recruiters said it may be possible to earn promotion in six months, the average may be much longer.

Therefore, you are to seek partnership with your manager to whom you are to report. While partnership means a peer-level relationship and you do not have experience to be a true peer with your manager, use the same partnering skills with him or her that you would use with those of customers. Find out what your manger needs and wants, and then do it. It pays to keep in mind that every work day is a test day, except that you some times write the questions. Like your professor, your manager wants the answers, not problems. Therefore, provide your manager with solutions and you will be well on the way to partnership. Keep in mind, however, the need to respect your manager’s position at any rate.


Managing your career requires conscious effort on your part. You are the person in your company to whom your career means the most. Many companies have recognised that ownership of development belongs to persons, and not to the company, and have turned training into ‘self-directed’ development programs. Even if your company has no formalised development into a self-directed program, or if the development program does not provide you with many options, take the time and effort to invest in yourself so that you can grow in your own way in your career. Learning is life-long and this life-long learning is important is today’s learning organisations.

For example, ATT speeds one billion US dollars annually on learning. Of late, many companies have down sized, it is the versatile, well-educated employee who not only keep a job but grows a career. Many people consider life- long learning as an important factor in not only improving one’s position but also enjoying what one wants to do. Once your have a position within an organizations your objective will be to develop yourself to both get a promotion and be successful in that promotion. To continue to climbs the rungs of the ladder, one is to take several significant actions in each portion along the way. The first action is to understand the option one has because sales can often lead to many different positions.

When a candidate or a fresher starts out in sales, many career options are open. Career paths can alternate between sales and marketing or follow a route entirely within sales or entirely within marketing. One may even wind up as CEO of a major global corporation. Following the typical career paths in a given company.

To move up, one is to learn the current job. That is the fresher is to know all about his ob at entry point. Many people want promotions as fast as they can get them, regardlers of :heir readiness. Consider that a candidate probably be managing the people holding his current job. To be truly effective as their managers, one should learn all one can about the job while the best position to do so. So you are one of them.


Later, the manager is to learn the job you want next. Once an able manager said. “In order to become a manager, you must first be manager.” He meant that promoting someone is easier when that person already has the features the position requires : that is, already acts like manager — rather than having only potential. A recent study of world’s best Business magazine “Fortune” support what is said above. Of the eleven characteristics the firm said were crucial to effective sales management, 10 must exist for a promotion to take place.

Though several ways exist for one to learn about the job one desires to learn, to more important.

First, solicit the help of the people who hold the job now. Many con expect managers to develop their people. To take advantage of that fact, ask for the such managers. Find out what they did to prepare themselves and what you should do.

Secondly volunteer to take on special projects that will demonstrate your leadership and organizing abilities. Taking projects off the hands of your manager can also give you an opportunity to see what responsibilities he or she has. Look out for the ways you can contribute to the i sales team to show your commitment to the organisation, your ability to lead and develop c and your managerial skills.


What is true is, years of hard work and frustration usually proceed “Overnight” success because it rarely occurs. More often success results from years of practice, limited success and unlimited failure, and determination to persistence. It is more true in case of sales of any other profession. To improve their selling skills and raise their level of earnings, people must constantly find the new ways to perform. However, sales people must also what they do that already works.

There is need to evaluate their performance, looking at the ways to improve their sales presentations. The possible sources of improvement are : training that is on going in an organization. Conferences, colleagues, material for developing sales skills, sales seminars and cassette tapes. These help in developing interpret, persuasion, or selling skills. Whether or not you plan a career in sales, you owe it to yourself to continue to develop skills.

One more thing to worth emphasizing is that selling is a stressful career or a profession. Stress occurs in job. Situational short term, whereas felt-stress is of longer terms. For many people, the key to manage stress is to reduce the influence stressors have, because the cause of stress often can not be eliminated.

In a nutshell, selling offers a challenging and exciting career. The opportunities are so varied that virtually every type of person can probably fit in sales position. Even if you choose a career in another field, take advantage of the material these tips work well.


Every career has its own merits and demerits. Selling is a honorable, challenging, thrilling rewarding and professional career. Today, more and more youngsters —both boys and girls going for selling as a career all over the world including. The basic reasons for such an attraction are at least five.

Firstly, in sales career, there are variety of jobs or job opening. They may be related with order taking, delivering, field-salesmen, missionary salesmen, engineers, tangible product salesmen, intangible product salesmen, political salesmen, company salesmen and so on.

Secondly, there is full freedom to the individual. As a salesman, he is the master of his own. Sales job provides probably the greatest relative freedom of any can He or she goes on his or her own with least interventions by his or her boss.

Thirdly, its a challenging one. Salesman works with a great sense of responsibility for a territory capable of Iterating thousands and lakhs of work revenue for his company which is a great challenge and trill.


Fourthly, successful salesmen have many opportunities to move up on to the top management positions because, experienced salesmen have the credibility, knowledge and the background to assume higher positions in the organization. He or she may start as a sales trainee and can end up as a marketing manager, and in some cases even general manager.

Fifthly, and finally, sales career is rewarding both financially and non-financially. Financial rewards are solely based on performance, salary, commission, bonus, travel allowance are the usual forms. Non-financial rewards or psychological or intrinsic rewards are self-generating. Development of self- worth self-confidence, job satisfaction, self-actualization and the like.