Media education aims at developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will encourage the growth of critical awareness and greater competence among the users of electronic and print media. It is education for communication. The need for media education has been realized all over the world.

The concept of media education as an area of study is emerging one and fairly new to educationists and mass communication researchers in India. Media education is at experimental stage in India.

During the last 35 years schools of communication have been established in many less developed countries. There is rapid expansion of short term courses. One major development has been the training of communication professionals within their own country or region.

While this transition has been going on, the emphasis in communications education has itself been changing. The training of media personnel has become more development oriented.


Indian Institute of Mass Communication , New Delhi and Xavier Institute of communications, Bombay have been organizing short term and part time professional courses in journalism, advertising, film production, photography etc. apart from their regular programmes.

Trained personnel in these specializations have opportunity of becoming media educator either employed or as freelancer. In future, media education will become an integral part of school and college curriculum which will provide more opportunities to media educators.

Nongovernmental organizations have been applying simple technology and using participatory learning systems to enable popular voices to be heard. These organizations have recognized the importance of communication. Many NGOs are producing their own video programmes.

Many NGOs and government development agencies widely use print and publicity media in the form of leaflet, folder, booklet, posters etc. which require persons with writing and communication design skills.


These organizations also organize media training programmes either for their employees or for all those intended to enter the field. For example, Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad, organized training programme on video for all those engaged in using video or producing video films for development.

Apart from these opportunities in media education, there is an opportunity of teaching in universities, colleges, and institutes offering, degree and diploma courses in communication.