Copy Writer:

Copy writer is expected to help create the advertising message. Research department and clients provide them with the facts. Copywriters spend longtime treating the facts to put across in the form of advertising message and create the desired image.

Script Writer:

Script writer’s job is to plan and write television and radio commercials and for advertising films. Like copywriters, scriptwriters have to develop their ideas in terms of sound and visual possibilities.



Visualizers are known as layout artists. They work in conjunction with copy writers to give a graphic interpretation to an agreed comparing.

Working with advertising agency requires sheer hard work. In reality this job is less glamorous than it is believed to be.

It requires creative visual imagination, good observation power, interest in people from all walks of life, patience and perseverance. They should be able to convey maximum content with minimum words. Thus, they should have strong feeling for words.


Individuals with degree in mass communication/advertising/ social communication or diploma in advertising are suitable for jobs in the field of advertising. For executive side jobs candidates with MBA (Marketing) are suitable. Those specialized in statistics are suitable for market research jobs.

For jobs on creative side, it is necessary to have Bachelor’s degree in fine arts or training in industrial design or commercial art.

At present, there is no dearth of jobs in advertising. Remmunerations depend on an individual’s ability and the status of the agency.