Communication design is emerging as a challenging field of employment. With the expansion of print electronic media, this field has grown as a specialized stream of design.

It further includes specializations such as designs for advertising, packaging, television, catalogue illustration, animation films and video programmes.

The three basic disciplines of communication design are:

Graphic design


Animation film

Video programming

Graphic Design:

It involves making designs for publicity such as posters, displays, trademarks, logos, letterheads, etc. designing for packaging both structure and surface, TV graphics used in caption titles and illustrations.


It requires the knowledge and skills in photography, lettering, typography, drawing and overall design.

Animation Film:

This discipline deals with the technique of putting together a sequence of drawings, each slightly different from the preceding one, in such a way that when filmed and run through a projector, the figures seem to move.

The design is used in making cartoon films, for entertainment, for conveying social messages such as on family planning, cleanliness, no smoking etc. and for making educational and advertising films. Now a day’s animation film designs are made on computers.


Video Programming:

It involves all the aspects of video production such as scripting, directing, editing, videography, audiography, etc. It has become a major medium of communication in all the fields such as advertising, marketing, education and development.

These jobs require qualities like interest in social environment, perseverance, curiosity, vibrant imagination and ability to visualize concepts and ideas, creative drawing skill and artistic interests.

Individuals with specialization in commercial art or communication design have prospects in this field. Graphic designers have ample scope for employment in the advertising industry, publishing industry, packaging industry and so on.


Animation film designers and video programmers can be employed in advertising agencies, television, in studios producing children’s or educational films or videos or they can work as freelancers.