Consumerism is a collective effort of the consumers to protect their interest. It reflects the failure of the business including that of public sector and the government to guarantee and ensure the legitimate rights of the consumers. For effective consumer protection three parties’ viz. the business, the government, and the consumers are responsible.

(i) Responsibility of Business:

The business including producers and traders have to pay due regard to consumer rights as it is their social responsibility. They have to come out with quality goods at reasonable prices. Whatever is produced by them should be in good quality and reach the ultimate consumers in time.

(ii) Responsibility of Government:


Innocent and helpless consumers should be protected by the Government through enacting legislations. Government will have to set its own priorities for the protection of consumers’ right. Government establishes distribution facilities for essential consumer goods.

(iii) Responsibility of Consumer:

All efforts regarding consumer protection will not produce desired results if consumerism is not accepted as a means of asserting and enjoying their rights. Consumerism is a social force to make the business more honest and responsible and to pressurize the government to adopt the necessary measures to protect consumers’ interests by guaranteeing their legitimate rights.