What is the real meaning of wanter in salesmanship ?


Wanter is a person. Who has a want. A want is a desire or need backed by ability to pay and willingness to pay. Thus, I need a home theatre which costs Rs. 2,00,000 I do not want as I have only 20,000 rupees and I can not buy one tenth of a home theatre. Thus, a Ramu a poor farmer wants a buffalo to milch and sell the same to make his livelihood, good buffalo costs Rs. 35,000 but poor Ramu has only 350 rupees. Can he buy or demand want 1/100 of a buffalo ? That is, those persons who have some need and are prepared to for willingly can be called as wanters. Thus, if onions are sold at Rs 10 per kilogram, if Mr. has Rs. 2.50 only he can buy or can afford want one fourth kilogram of onions.

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