Creative salesmanship is a technique in which new markets are explored or created for the existing products, and sale of a new product to customers, who have no interest in it or who do not know about it. In both cases the salesman has to strive hard to push up the sales of both old and new products in all possible markets both internal and external. He has an intelligent part to play. In other words, creative salesmanship has the function of awakening interest in the goods, creating desire for them, answering objections raised and helping the prospect in making up his mind in favor of the goods.


Creative salesmanship possesses following characteristics:

1. It involves creation of markets for old and new products. That means, the salesman is given the important task of introducing a new product into the market and to create demand for such products.

2. The creative salesman presents the facts in the most interesting manner to the prospect. As a result the latter’s interest is created about the product.


3. In creative salesmanship time is not important. After thoroughly convincing the customer, it creates desire in customer’s mind. The sales may take place immediately or sometimes after the product is introduced.

4. This type of salesmanship generally puts more emphasis on service and utility of the product and other incentives like discount, credit, home delivery, etc attached to a product.

5. This never puts more stress on the price but importance is given to the satisfaction, the product provides.