What are the most important objectives of demonstration for selling any product?


Demonstration is not a physical manifesto but a psychological tactics of convincing to prospect that the salesman has the best product that fills the need of prospect. It is such powerful way of appealing that the product sinks in the mind of a prospect and sells well. It owes with proof and illustration as to how the product benefits the prospect. It is the task of proving the statements made by salesman about quality, utility, performance, service and the like of a product by means of tests, experiments and operations as the essential mark of evidence.

If sales presentation is the road to desire from convincing the demonstration has the role of converting desire into a decision. One should not get confused with die two phrases namely, sales presentation bid sales demonstration. They are closely linked and can be undertaken after one mother or simultaneously. It is very difficult to say when sales presentation ends and sales demonstration starts depends on the situation. Customers want to see to hear, to touch, feel and smell. The prospect to members more when more senses are involved. The aim of salesman is that customer should remember his product.

Hence, it always pays to demonstrate what a salesman wants to sell. Demonstration stands for showing and explaining the various factors of the product very clearly to the prospect with proofs. It is demonstration through which the customer or prospect is to known as to how product works. Demonstration is the description and explanation with the help of specimen and experiments to prove the facts logically. It is showing and pointing out clearly or proving with highest degree of certainty. In simple words, demonstration means and includes proving the quality, utility, performance, service of a product by means of operation, experimenting i-d testing to prove the worth so that prospect makes up his mind to take the product without hesitation.

Objectives of Demonstration

1. Creating of a Strong Desire:

The basic aim of demonstration is to create a very strong desire is the mind of prospect to possess the product, which he wants to sell. It is demonstration that has the ability, to desire to a strong sense of possession.

2. Generation of Positive Attention towards the Product:


Many a times the prospects have a state of wavering mind, as they are not fully attentive of product. Creation of positive attitude towards the product is the part and parcel of persuasion process in the game of selling.

3. Helping the Prospect to Come to Definite Decision to Buy:

Mere presentation is a oral expression or description of the product. It has effect. However, the effect is not generating any positive change of attitude and action. It is demonstration that applies multi-sense approach, which definitely helps the customer or prospect to come to positive conclusion. That is, he may be deciding to buy or going for a product.


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